Brooks England introduces the new carbon Cambium C13, continuing a proud racing tradition which has lasted for over a century. Tested by over 100 riders, including cycling icon David Millar who rode his C13 over the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix, undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges any racing saddle might face.

Brooks C13 Saddle

Cambium saddles are made from a vulcanised natural rubber top that follows the movements of the rider for responsive control and all-day comfort. Suspended over a one-piece braided carbon frame, the C13 is light and strong for today’s performance cyclist.

Saddles are a very personal item, if you’re going to produce one you better make sure that it’s going to be comfortable! That’s why Brooks provided hundreds of C13 Saddles to testers around the world. Using comprehensive, real world feedback from professional cyclists to passionate enthusiasts.

They’re kicking off the marketing hype for the new saddle with the phrase “On The Rivet” – this stems from a time when all racing cyclists rode leather saddles. When attacking a short climb, attempting a daring breakaway, or merely trying to maintain their place in the peloton, racers would balance on the front rivet to achieve the perfect position for maximum effort, thus coining the famous expression. The C13 represents Brooks return to performance cycling, putting us firmly back ‘on the rivet’.