Alcohol is well known to have negative effects on the body, but the Bavarian brewing company Erdinger thankfully produces an alcohol free version – Erdinger Alkoholfrei Beer. The company is by far the world’s largest wheat beer brewery, and has marketed the ‘Alkolfrei’ beer firmly towards the fitness community, attending hundreds of sporting events every year and even funding their own biathlon and triathlon teams.Erdinger Alkoholfrei Beer
Alcohol free beer doesn’t usually sound enticing to most of us, but Erdinger Alkoholfrei Beer actually tastes great, very refreshing and sweeter than standard beer. It also happens to make a great drink for recovery after a training session being not only isotonic, but also containing vitamin B12, folic acid and a whole load of polyphenols which help to mop up free radicals after exercise. It’s also free of fat, cholesterol, chemicals and preservatives.

To summarise the benefits of Erdinger Alkoholfrei Beer:

  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Promotes physical and mental performance
  • Protects against overexertion
  • Helps preserve normal muscle activity
  • Ensures a balanced metabolism
  • Positive impact on the cardiovascular system

As Erdinger Alkoholfrei Beer is alcohol free, it’s also much cheaper than standard beer at only around £1.2o per 500ml bottle. It makes for a great, refreshing drink after a long ride and as it’s less calorific than standard beer, you can feel a lot less guilty for enjoying a pint. It also provides a host of benefits, so if you’re looking for a tasty beverage after your next training session, look no further!

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The positive effects of polyphenols on the immune system were examined by the Technical University of Munich in the world’s largest marathon study “Be-MaGIC”,

Erdinger Alkoholfrei Beer
Alcohol freeFull of vitamins and mineralsIsotonicSupports immune function
None, unless you don't like beer
4.8Great tasting alcohol free beer