Bookman introduces the Curve Front Light,a high-powered front light in a seamless curved housing with the brightness of 80 lumens and a run-time of up to 35 hours. It takes only 2 hours to charge from flat to full via an included USB charger.


Its easy-to-use functions make attaching, detaching, powering on, switching modes and recharge all quick, easy and hassle-free. The battery indicator and ‘on’ button is situated on top which is also doubles as the clasp. A single click turns it on or off, and a double click changes between the four modes of light available. On the full steady setting, the light produces 80 lumens for a full three hours. In the power saving and flashing modes the light can last up to lengthy 35 hours. The Curve light is available in red, white or black to compliment or add a flash of contrast to your bicycle and retails at €39/$49. The completely weatherproof light will show you the way through rain, hail or snow.


The Curve Light is the latest addition to the Bookman family and it’s designed with the urban and style-conscious cyclist in mind. The shape of the light is reminiscent of a light beam and mimics the roundness of a handlebar. The design of the glass, which spills over the sides, ensures a wide range of light, not only in front of the cyclist but reflects off to the sides. This results in cyclist piece of mind that the light provides them with clear visibility of the roads as well as being visible to other travelers at 180 degrees around them.

We’re a big fan of the blinder series, and the Curve seems to be a great evolution.