Wahoo have been pushing out some pretty innovative products over the past couple of years, concentrating their efforts on the sports and fitness industry with app-enabled solutions. The latest incarnation is a somewhat more substantial that their usual, with this beast of a ‘turbo trainer’ which is Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ enabled, along with an integrated power meter. It’s direct drive, which means it replaces the rear wheel altogether. The obvious advantage being that you won’t be wearing down your tyre or cassette. Similar to the LeMond Revolution, only more technical.

Wahoo have done something different to the other manufacturers with the Kickr though, making their system completely open, allowing 3rd parties to develop apps for the trainer, and possible integration to Garmin Connect, Strava and TrainerRoad, as well as other mobile based platforms. It’s completely wireless, and the resistance can change in 0.25 seconds resulting in a very realistic feel.

It’s a hefty piece of equipment, one that will probably only attract serious enthusiasts, racers and people that love throwing money at cycling…