Deux North began telling stories with the Hunt Series. Each of Deux North’s hunts are a trip away from home; the chance to ride new roads, meet new people, set up a camp, and find a story. The hunt series begins (1,2,3) with trips to the high peaks of the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains in New York City’s backyard. But as the numbers rise, so do the stakes, and the hunts yet to be ridden should be even bigger.

Every hunt in the series has been designed around friendship, adventure, and challenge. Deux North’s hunters are provided with an opportunity to discover new places, both inside themselves and out with the responsibility to return and share those experiences in hopes of inspiring you. The places encountered are beautiful, the people met are inspiring, and the stories gathered are unlike any other. Each hunt below is recounted beautifully in film, photo, and word.

This time, the Deux North boys do some Everesting donning their new rather sharp looking Angeles Kit (which is currently on preorder).

The story of 220 miles, 26 hours, and 32,000ft through the San Gabriel Mountains as a group of hunters ride the equivalent elevation gain to Mt. Everest and then some.

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