Hjul Outwear have collabetered with New Balance to create a new capsule colleciton called Rain Essentials, with a focus on keeping you dry whilst riding in the wet.

The package includes 600C New Balance shoes for urban cycling, Raincoat and Sackpack made with DuPont’s Tyvek fabric laminated with PU and breathable/waterproof film. Tyvek is an eco friendly fabric used mainly for packaging as it is very light, durable and water resistant. Hjul have added a lamination process here to waterproof the material.


The raincoat and sackpack have an outer pocket which folds into itself, handy for carrying them around. The Raincoat has ventilation mesh on the back and ventilation eyelets under the armpit adding some breathability. The Sackpack has two departments inside, one for dry and the other for wet kit – great for commuting. in case you want to separate your wet from dry clothes.