Hidden in the hills of Moravia, it would be easy to overlook KRAS. For a long time it has been the centre for low – profile recreation, locals from the nearby city of Brno go to KRAS to pursue various activities both underground and above. Its karst topography is the epicentre of limestone climbing and caving – it’s no wonder Adam Ondra, arguably the best rock climber in the world grew up climbing those formations.

But there is more to KRAS than those slippery holds that can destroy your rock-climbing dreams.
There is the network of narrow roads intersecting beautiful canyons and valleys. There is the gullies that hardly ever see sunshine but also the meadows getting plenty of it year-round. For those who seek the freedom from the saddle of their bicycle, this is the Shangri-la.

The caves and sinkholes are big, the wind is crisp, the descents fast and the climbs crushing.
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It’s real. Come and ride with us.

Production: Vankusik.com
Director: Tomas Franta
D.O.P: Martin Kacvinsky
Rider: Jirka Parizek
Driver support: David Cadik
Grip support: Michal Nedbal
Music: Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa – W Boru Kalinka (intro remix)
supported by thewonderfulsocks.com
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