Here is a short film made by Angus Sung from the boys at 5th floor. It certainly makes you want to get out there and ride!

Last week the 5th Floor London team, Rudy Melo, Matt Stanbury, George Garnier, Leo Tong, Erik Jonsson, Daniel Slotte and Pasquale Chionchio, joined by Angus Sung and Sebastian Ordinas, went to the cycling island Mallorca for a week of training, riding and lots of team bonding!

There were a lot of coffee, coca-cola and ice cream stops involved. At the end of the day it was a cycling holiday for us, but we covered a lot in 6 days doing pretty much every known Colls, even doing some of them twice. With 5 days of riding and 1 rest day we rode 600km and climbed 9,990meters. Well, the rest day wasn’t really a rest day as we ended up doing 40km, 900 meters of climbing and a fair bit of hiking.

If you are planning to ride in Mallorca I would recommend; Coll de sa Batalla, Coll de Soller (from both sides), Puig Major, also descend from Puig Major if you can (it is a nice long descent), Coll d’Honor, the famous Sa Calobra and make sure you ride to the Cap de Formentor. This is from my experience, I know there are probably other places you could also go, but if you do the above you cover a fair bit including the main climbs.

Huge thanks goes to Sebastian Ordinas for being an amazing host, for driving and for being an all round great dude. Also a big thanks goes to all of our sponsors who supported us on this trip. Workshop Coffee for providing our morning and afternoon pick me ups. Vita Coco for keeping the guys hydrated everyday. Thule for helping transport some of our bikes safely and finally 3-Actions for providing us their sports nutrition that we were really happy to try.

If you follow us on instagram or any of our riders you might have seen that we were using the #5thMallorca hashtag to document the trip while we were away. Search #5thMallorca hashtag on instagram to see all the photos from the trip or click here to view them online. Please stay tuned for more photos and a short film from Angus Sung. Photos above by Angus Sung and Rudy Melo.