Rapha have released one of their hottest jerseys (pun intended) in recent times. The colourburn theme has been applied to the short sleeve aero jersey, now available in 5 equally awesome colourways. Whilst the aero benefit won’t really be useful to the majority of riders, there’s no doubt that this is one good looking jersey.

Good luck on picking which colour you want to go with…

The Pro Team Aero Jersey is built for speed, worn at the highest level of the sport. This garment was developed using wind-tunnel sessions with WorldTour pro riders and ridden to victory at the world’s greatest races. Insight gained in testing and pro competition combine to create a supremely aerodynamic product. The jersey’s front and back fabric is smooth and dense to help improve airflow, while new longer sleeves made of a textured fabric create ‘turbulent flow’. This breaks up the air where the arms encounter wind resistance, thus enabling more efficient motion. A close fit and offset seam-positioning with a minimal number of pattern pieces reduce drag further. A performance-engineered jersey for uncompromising riders.