Art meets performance in the new collaboration celebrating the Olympics in Rio between Smith and famed Brazilian street art crew, Bicicleta Sem Freio (translated, Bicycle with No Brakes). Celebrating the Smith athletes who are pursuing their dreams of gold this summer, the project creates an intersection between sport and artistic expression.

Renato Reno and Douglas Castro of Goiania, Brazil used the Overtake helmet, PivLock Arena performance eyewear and Lowdown sunglasses as their canvas. Inspired by athletes’ own personal photos of crossing finish-lines and standing on podiums, the crew brings together symbols of Brazil and moments of triumph into a single, colourful piece of art.

This art is blended with Smith’s performance innovations, Aerocore Construction featuring Koroyd and ChromaPop, and debuts as an exclusive collection for our summer athletes competing on the world’s biggest stage.


These special editions are being produced in super limited numbers, so if you fancy one you better make it quick!

Bicicleta Sem Freio