Upon looking to purchase a folding bike that weighs less than 12 kilograms, Petre Craciun and Ligia Stan decided to take matters into their own hands when they couldn’t find one that met their weight requirement. The result is the Hummingbird Bike, the lightest bicycle in the world.

The foldable Hummingbird Bike weighs just 6 kilograms and can be lifted with a single finger. The bicycle notes construction form carbon fibre, and when folded, the chain still remains tensioned and never falls off, unlike most other foldable bikes. You can take the Hummingbird anywhere, thanks to its feathery composition and compact nature. In short, it’s perfect for the urban commuter.

For those looking to purchase, the bike comes optioned in four colours: yellow, black, red and pure carbon fibre. You can also choose from 16-inch or 20-inch wheels.

To get a closer look, press play on the coinciding video, then, be sure to visit Hummingbird’s Kickstarter.

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