Artist Cyclist outfitters, Ten Speed Hero have just dropped their 2016 range. Aptly named ‘Resort’ – it’s lovely, happy collection featuring bright vivd colours that reflect the scenery of a great ride. Great work as usual from the folks from Chicago.

We believe in celebration. We believe in color. We believe in embracing the quiet moments and the loud moments and the quiet people and the loud people. We believe in speaking your truth to the world in big ways and little ways, in loud ways and quiet ways. We believe that good design makes life better and that visuals affect your soul.

Merriam-Webster defines “Process”, simply, as the following: “a series of actions that produce something or that lead to a particular result.” Which is a boring way of saying that process must happen, to create. Process is failure, it’s success, it’s effort, it’s not fun, it’s joyously fun, it has to end at some point. Process is messy, and messy is good.

At Tenspeed Hero, we work together. From textile designers to cyclists to photographers to writers, we love to see each individual be their most kickass self and have the freedom to express their passion and their genius. And we know that the best way, the most vibrant way to do that, is to work together. To let each creator shine as they’re supported by the others. To get jazzed from the energy of other humans; using their ideas and brilliance and adding your own. Creating something together that is larger than the sum of all your individual parts. Whether we’re talking design, music, or a team of cyclists: the brilliance of creation is in the togetherness. The confidence of belief: belief in yourself, in your work, in your friends, in your skills, mixed with the freedom of acceptance. These are what produce some of our favorite works. Together.

For our Tenspeed Hero Resort Collection 2016 we focused on delight. On celebration. On color and movement and line and flowers and frivolity and vibrations and joy. We hope you see in it some of our inspirations and some of our heart. Like any good representative work, what you see when you look at it can be taken in many ways and moods and directions. But if our souls get expressed, if our vibrations move through the artifacts we’ve created and move you, we have succeeded.

From our studio and our minds, to your hands and wardrobes.

– Hannah Burtness

Custom bike manufacture, Firefly Cycles have also produced a new bike in collaboration with TSH, reflecting the colours and patterns from the Resort collection.

In 2014 we collaborated with the brilliantly talented local illustrator, designer, and muralist Eric Bones on The Bones Project. With that project, we brought a material considered by many to be retro or outdated to the forefront of function and design.

In 2016, we are thrilled to collaborate with TENSPEED HERO, a group that has become known not only for their beautiful and industry-changing design work, but also for their promotion of an uncompromisingly equitable and positive cycling community. We could not be more proud to work with them. The TSH Project truly exists at the intersection of art, manufacturing, and performance.

As in 2014, this will be a limited run. We will only make 15 bikes. Every bike will be custom designed and built to order from the refined and incredible, niobium-doped, progressively-butted Columbus Spirit HSS Steel Tubing, creating a magical combination of custom fit, race-worthy stiffness, and the uniquely solid and planted feel of great steel tubing.

Firefly are offering three colour schemes based on the 2016 TSH RESORT kit design. Every bike comes with a matching TENSPEED HERO jersey and bibs.

These individual art pieces designed and built to be admired and ridden hard.

Limited production begins in the spring of 2016