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Lust, what a terrible, lovely thing. Pinarello have somewhat of a stigma attached to them these days. Overweight middle-aged bankers riding around Richmond Park on a Sunday. This select ‘elite’ usually go for this type of product. Watches with a face the size of you granny-ring, suits that cost more than 3 months rent and cars worth your whole entire mortgage. Why? Because they can.

If money was no object, what bike would you buy? There’s a few choices to go for, not to mention wholly custom jobs which require time, money and patients. The latter usually lacking from the MAMIL-Bankers… Que Pinarello. Arguably one of the finest off-the-shelf bike manufacturers out there. Team Sky and Movistar are using them to great success within the peloton, not forgetting our very own Bradley Wiggins.

The new ‘Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think’ is quite ridiculous. Form and function come together in a way that only the Italians know how to pull off. Plenty of acronyms and pioneering technologies within the descriptions and narration make the Dogma a genuine ‘Superbike’ that anyone can buy (with a big enough bank balance). Check out the blurb below and watch the video:

It was to be no easy task to improve upon the frame that has taken the champions of both Sky and Movistar to numerous victories, seen Wiggins pedal into yellow and move the world champion sprinter Mark Cavendish to claim, “this frame is perfect” after his first ride aboard the Dogma 2.

To better a frame that had already been awarded such praise, Pinarello’s engineers asked their partners Toray for collaboration in improving an industry leading 60HM1K carbon fiber.
The fruit of the combined efforts is the completely new and exclusive 65Ton HM 1K carbon fiber that is stronger, more rigid and more resistant than any previous variety. This new frame will be more rigid, more reactive and even better prepared for the rigors of professional cycling.
Additionally, with the increasing importance of electronic groupsets, the Pinarello Lab has worked diligently to produce a frame that is built for both mechanical and electronic transmissions.
The new Dogma 65.1 Think 2 is designed for perfect integration for electronic groups with internal cable routing designed specifically for their particular cable widths both for Campagnolo and Shimano systems.

If you love to drool over carbon bikes, Pinarello.com is well worth checking out. Featuring tons of video content with cheesy italian voiceovers and images, you can even customise your very own Dogma65 using the new ‘MyWay‘ tool. That reminds me, I need to start playing the Lottery…