Le Coq Sportif is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance since it’s return to Cycling in 2012, with the start of a 5-year contract with ASO in manufacturing the official jersey for Le Tour De France. To celebrate the 100th anniversary, they’re releasing a super limited-edition ‘Nuit-Noire’ edition of the official signature yellow kit. It’s available from a select few of retailers around the world including Harrods for us guys in the UK.

See below for the official blurb:

The subtle balance of light and shade in the tailored Maillot Noir incorporates simplicity, strength and elegance in a unique reinterpretation of the Maillot Jaune – a symbol of the world’s greatest bike race. An original design features a translucent “Moor’s Head” imprint, in recognition of Corsica, the island which will witness the start of the 100th Tour de France. In addition, for the first time in Tour de France history, the race will culminate in a night time finish.


The “Nuit Noire” line incorporates the technical and aesthetic properties of the 2013 Tour de France leaders’ jerseys. The line consists of three items, including a limited edition jersey, wind jacket and gilet.

The sleek design of the line is branded with a flocked le coq sportif sport performance label and the number 100. This fashionable and sporty flocking detail provides texture and is reminiscent of past jerseys by the French brand.
The HD signature and phrase “En 1903, Henri Desgrange créait le plus grand évènement sportif de tous les temps” [“In 1903, Henri Desgrange created the greatest sporting event of all time”] inscribed on the jersey pay tribute to the founder of the Tour de France.


Maillot Noir

Developed in extremely lightweight polyester, with a true anatomical fit mimicking the cyclist’s body shape, the Maillot Noir is genuinely aerodynamic. Thin insulating bands on the waist and sleeves in translucent silicon ensure the jersey stays in place and act as wind barriers.

The jersey is manufactured using only flat non-irritating seams. The flexible elastane and polyester-mix sleeves are also designed for the enhanced comfort of cyclists. They extend to just below the triceps, avoiding pressure points for improved blood flow in the arms.

Air circulation is achieved at the front via the three-quarter zip and at the back by two ventilation panels, including one ultra-breathable 3D mesh panel at the base of the nape and a further micro-aerated mesh panel across the back Each insert helps regulate the cyclist’s body temperature and thereby limit unnecessary energy loss.


Wind braker Nuit Noire
The waterproof and matte polyamide wind jacket is ideal for cold and changeable conditions.
The inner surface has been specially treated and thin waterproof strips have been added on the seams to make it a genuinely waterproof and technical garment.

A thin, lightweight jacket, it ensures maximum comfort in rainy weather. Practical details include; two zipped side openings, providing access to the cargo pockets on the
jersey which can be used to quickly stow the jacket. These pockets feature a reflective strip for the enhanced safety of the cyclist.


Maillot sans manche nuit noir
This gilet with a brushed polyamide inner surface radiates gentle heat in cold, dry weather. The elasticated shoulders help it stay in place and are also good for extra warmth. Two zipped side openings provide quick access to the cargo pockets on the jersey. Finally, it can be worn in combination with the wind jacket in changeable conditions without hindering free movement.

Nuit Noire, le coq sportif limited edition
Exclusively available at 5 retail outlets:
– HARRODS / 87-135 Brompton Rd, Knightsbridge – London SW1X 7XL – United Kingdom
– BICYCLE STORE / 17 Boulevard du Temple, 75003 Paris – France
– IRIDE / Viale Alessandro Tassoni, 14/A 41121, Modena – Italy
– PAVÉ CULTURE CYCLISTE / 59, Alcalde Ferrer i Mones, Barcelone – Spain
– THE CYCLERY / Clarence street, Sydney, NSW 2000 – Australia