“Do you remember, as a kid, the first time you went really fast on your bike, and it felt like you were flying…” Brothers Dylan and James Nord’s global cycling adventures are entrenched in childhood memories of adventure, freedom and exploration. Decades on, the duo cooked up Deux North as a continuation of their childhood fixations, offering up their adventures to the world through realtime video and photography.

Their latest journey takes them to the Catalonia region of Spain, where they spend some time with fellow adventurer professional rally car driver Kris Meeke. Joining them are a group of seven other cyclists or “hunters,” who undertake a four-day ride from Barcelona to Valencia, and eventually onward to the beachside town of Salou where the World Rally Championship takes place. The route covers 300 miles in total and the cyclists often pause to take in the breathtaking scenery and pristine, sun-drenched world around them.

Pulsing beneath the sense of adventure is an underlying feeling of camaraderie, and a respect for the parallels between cycling and rally racing. The brothers manage to convey how a sense of community is central to all of Deux North’s travels. Press play to enjoy and see all of Deux North’s Hunts here.