Rapha is supporting Bradley Wiggins attempt at the hour record attempt on the 7th June. They’re currently promoting the event which will feature their Cycle Clubs around the globe with live screenings and organised rides.

The social campaign, #MyHour will promote both the new Wiggins team, the product launch and Sir Bradley’s attempt at the record.

Check out the video above!


In support of Sir Bradley Wiggins’ attempt at the hour record on 7th June 2015, Rapha and Sir Brad are inviting you to ride your own hour in the week preceding Wiggins’ attempt, and share your efforts using the hashtag #MYHOUR.


For Sir Brad’s attempt at the hour, he will be flying the colours of the newly formed WIGGINS team. The WIGGINS collection takes inspiration from the British national kit of the 1980s, and also incorporates elements of mod culture – including the famous target that adorned Sir Brad’s kit throughout his time at Team Sky. The collection includes a replica jersey, cap and socks, as well as a team supporter’s t-shirt.Shop the collection »