Oakley have been part of the peloton since 1984, so they know a thing or two about making sunglasses. They’re pretty much the benchmark which others are measured against, and when they release a new model it’s a pretty big deal.

The EVZero represent somewhat of a reboot of the original ‘zero frame’ model released back in the 90’s – only much more improved in performance and aesthetics. There aren’t many frameless designs around now, but they not only provide a much bigger field of view (the clue’s in the name: EV= ExtentedView), but also shed some weight in the process – the EVZero’s come in at just 22g!

The lenses use a toric (varying curvature) shape to minimise distortion at any viewing angle – which is particularly important in cycling as you’re head is usually down whilst your eyes are on the road ahead. They’re also available with Oakley’s Prizm road lens coating (there’s photochromic and standard lens options too), which enhances your vision in both bright light and shadows, helping you spot changes in the texture of the road surfaces – this was the first time using these lenses, and it did actually make a noticeable difference to visibility and clarity on country roads.

They’re super comfortable and there were no pinch points, they actually felt a little large for my small head but they never felt overly loose, or had any issues in staying on. They eyesocks and nosepads are treated with ‘Unobtainium’ – which tightens up on contact with sweat, keeping them securely planted when you’re working hard.

Wearing the EVZero’s is actually like wearing no sunglasses at all – being virtually unnoticeable other than giving you superhero-like vision and shielding your eyes from wind/flies/debris. The only downside is that you can’t change the lenses on these; but the Prizm coating did a pretty good job in most conditions. In fact, I’m now a complete convert and now all my other sunglasses just seem flat and fuzzy in comparison.

Overall, these are a seriously good pair of sunglasses (would you expect anything less from Oakley?), they’re packed with features, comfortable, secure and look rather nice as well. If you want some stylish, lightweight glasses with excellent field of vision, you won’t find better than the EVZero.


Review: Oakley EVZero Prizm Sunglasses
Featherweight Secure fitHuge field of visionGreat lenses
Fixed lensCould be a little too loose on smaller heads
4.8Excellent lightweight glasses
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