Full Windsor is a cycle accessory design company based in Yorkshire, probably most known for their lightweight quickfix mudguards. They’ve since expanded their range to include a variety of other products like these latest cycling caps produced in collaboration with British textile designers Witch & Watchman.

The caps feature Witch & Watchman’s hand painted Xanadu and Amazonia Designs. The designs inspiration stem from a range of sources including; a love of birds, animals and plants and a passion for eccentric wallpapers and fabrics often found in Hollywood mansions and stately homes.

Witch and Watchman was founded in London in 2014 by Helen Z B Wilson, who is the artist and designer behind Witch and Watchman’s striking wallpaper and fabric designs. Helen is a graduate in Fine Art from Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design in London.

A love of painting birds, animals and flowers and a longstanding love of wall-murals and the ‘maximalist’ wallpapers and fabrics often found in stately homes and palaces inspired Helen to use her skills of fine and detailed painting to design ‘Amazonia’, the first elaborate design for Witch and Watchman. Looking to create designs that resemble a modern take on Chinoiserie, Witch and Watchman is about bold prints that make a statement.

We absolutely love collabs, especially those that bring outside influences to cycling. These bang on-trend caps look great, and at £12.99, aren’t too expensive either!