Rule 5: Harden The Fuck Up.

It’s one of Velominati’s universally loved rules, and it’s also inspired the name for a new UK brand, currently offering a great selection of cycling clothing. We really like the arm warmers. Available in a choice of 5 vibrant colours for just £25, they’d make a great addition to your existing kit.

Crossroads, switches, decisions. We are faced with ‘left or right’, ‘yes or no’ every day, and all to often those decisions are settled-on before we even make them. Don’t let anyone tell you ‘you can’t’, because they couldn’t. If you want to, then you can. If you believe and work towards a goal, it can be yours.

Riding a bike has taught us this. There is no hiding, no one to do it for you. Get on, dig in and bathe in the glory that is accomplishment. It will shine on all the other parts of your life. That is our RULE FIVE and everyone is welcome.​

RULE FIVE apparel is made to exacting standards in collaboration with hand-selected manufacturing partners including Cuore of Switzerland, makers of Team IAM’s Pro Tour kit. Fit and finish is exceptional.