You may have probably heard about Graeme Obree’s endeavour with his ‘Beastie‘ machine to break the human powered land speed world record. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite manage it, but the Delft/Amsterdam team with their slick ‘VeloX3’ machine smashed it at over 133kmh – over 82 mph! Check out the videos and info below for the record breaking action.

It came down to the very last record attempt of the week of the competition, but everything finally fell into place: Sebastiaan Bowier reached 133,78 km/h in the high-tech recumbent from students of the Delft University of Technology and the VU University Amsterdam. With this speed, he broke the world record and became the fastest cyclist on the planet. It was 0,6 km/h faster than the previous record, set by the Canadian Sam Wittigham. Team manager Wouter Lion elated: “We knew that the technical and the human aspect of the race were right today. We knew it was possible and it is amazing that is actually happens. And he did it with difficult head wind.”

Alongside the new top speed of Sebastiaan, the second cyclist of the Delft/Amsterdam team also reached a world class speed: Wil Baselmans is with 127,43 km/h the third fastest man on earth, right after Bowier and Wittingham.